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Ions negative shower head
"Feel the love in every drop..."

SWS Smart Water Solutions® is a ions negative shower head made of high quality materials, guaranteeing our customers an effective and world class product.
Thanks to the 3 minerals in it (ceramic balls, shungite and germanium) that create an ionizing effect, chlorine and other chemicals are removed, returning a purified and clean water.
Moreover, thanks to the pressure water system inside the product, there is the probability to save water up to 60% (connected with a remarkable energy saving).
In addition the shower head guarantees, due to leakage of water through dozens of tiny size holes, a soft and foamy water jet, giving a soothing massage Spa, a smoother and toned skin, soft and shiny hair.
Product available in 4 different colours (red, grey, blue and yellow).
SWS Smart Water Solutions® SWS is a product easy to install thanks to the universal connector.
Comfortable and easy to handle.
An experience that will change the way to make shower.